Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greek people

Los habitantes de la antigua Grecia se llamaban a sí mismos helenos, y a su tierra, Grecia, la llamaban la Hélade...

Now, some questions:

1 - What are the cultural origins of Greek civilization?
2 - What are the names of the wars that pitted the Greek people against the Persians?
3 - One of the most important artistic activity was the theater of Greece. Indicate at least two Greek playwrights.
4 - During the 5th century BC, Athens reached its greatest splendour under the rule of a brilliant politician. Who was he?
5 - Many were the clashes between the polis or city-states due to the expansionist ambitions of some of them. In one of these wars that lasted 30 years Athens lost its dominance over the rest of the polis. What was these wars?
6 - What famous ruler, from the territory of Macedonia, conquered the entire Greek peninsula and extended his empire to Egypt and India?
7 - Finally, the Greek civilization succumbed to the domain of another flourishing Mediterranean empire. What was this empire and in what year was Athens conquered?